Snow Blower Preparation Tips For Winter in Littleton, CO

The autumn leaves are falling, the temperatures are cooler and winter is around the corner. These snow blower preparation tips will help to ensure your Honda snow blower is ready for the first snowstorm.

Forecast calling for heavy snow? Honda snow blowers are ready for battle.

Read the Owner’s Manual

Read the owner’s manual and learn how to operate the controls, turn off the snow blower quickly and several important safety precautions. 

Inspect the Snow Blower

Make sure the snow blower is turned off prior to inspecting it. If you didn’t drain the gas last winter before you stored it, drain the gas now. For more details on draining the fuel, visit the Honda HS720 Snow Thrower Maintenance and Storage Video. Just a reminder that all of the fuel from the fuel tank in a snow blower should be drained before storing the snow blower for over 90 days or off season. Refer to your Honda Snow Blower Owner’s Manual for maintenance information for your specific model or contact {{Dealer Name}} at (720) 557-8380. If you prefer to do the maintenance, make sure the engine is cooled off after the fuel is drained. To ensure the best quality and reliability, use only new, genuine Honda parts for your snow blower repairs or replacement.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

If you prefer to have your snow blower serviced by your local Honda dealer, contact {{Dealer Name}} at (720) 557-8380 to schedule a maintenance appointment. Our staff is specially trained in servicing Honda snow blowers. Honda also carries snow blower and snowthrower covers that are custom fitted for specific Honda snow blower and snow thrower models.

Buy the Correct Fuel Before the Snowstorm

Before starting the snow blower’s engine, fill the fuel tank outside. Remember to never add fuel to the fuel tank when the engine is running or is hot. The Honda owner’s manual for Honda snow blowers and snow throwers recommends using gas that is less than 10% ethanol.

Store the Fuel Properly

Fuel should be stored in an approved fuel container. Label the fuel container with the date of purchase and the ethanol content of the fuel. Fuel that is over one month old can cause operating problems for the snow blower. Fuel should be stored in a detached shed or garage that is at least 50 feet from ignition sources. Remember to store fuel out of the reach of children.

Fuel Stabilizer

If snowfall is sporadic where you live, we recommend adding the Honda Fuel Stabilizer to the fuel when you initially fill the approved fuel storage container and during each refill. You can minimize the chances of deterioration and damage to your snow blower by using a fuel stabilizer. Check the Honda snow blower owner’s manual for more information.


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